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Hi there! I'm a freelance Graphic Designer, Web Designer & UX Developer based in Sheffield, UK. I specialise in bespoke, hand-crafted branding and website solutions for a wide variety of cool cats like you. 🐈 Please get in touch below if you'd like to make an enquiry.

I am available for freelance commissions & new projects.


Graphic Design

Whether you're looking to promote a business, charity, brand, or event; you want design solutions tailored to your needs. With a clear, process-driven approach, I create comprehensive solutions which leave a lasting impression. I will work with you to ensure your philosophy is clear from the moment your audience engages with your content, and equip you with the tools you need to make the most of your designs going forward, creating long-term creative strategies that deliver results.

In collaboration with local printers, I provide Graphic Design & Art Direction services for all kinds of clients using a mix of digital and traditional media. I design for weddings, podcasts, artists, events, and businesses; providing services including logo design, branding, promotional materials, packaging design, digital content strategy, social media, typesetting, layout, and advertising in both digital and print.

Full Service

Web Design

Many people in the small business world struggle to make the most of their online presence. With the cocktail of solutions available and the difficulty of knowing exactly what to invest in, you need a specialist with the insight to help you make the most profitable decisions. Whether you hire me on a retainer or per-project basis, I will cut through the technical haze for you, and become your single point-of-contact to curate scalable, effective solutions filled with actionable metrics. Your website should serve you, so you can focus on your business.

I provide fully managed hosting & email services, too, from as low as £5 pcm.

Why The

Owl Logo?

Not only an established symbol of wisdom and success, the Crested Horned Owl embodies all the things I think good Graphic Design should be: silent, unobtrusive, and effective.

Good design speaks to people: it communicates a clear message without drawing attention to itself, standing proud to scrutiny for years to come. As a designer, I strive to be invisible. My values are to embody your brand and your story through my work, delivering impactful, memorable solutions to modern-day problems which are tied to your identity, just as the owl hides its wing-beats in the sound of the breeze.


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Code is a natural extension of the Graphic Design process; this is a philosophy I seek to embody in my work. I create forward-thinking design that does not compromise on elegance, efficiency, or impact, at a transparent hourly rate.

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